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From the Windows to the Wall

On the way to the worksite, I began to understand the devastation that Panama City had dealt with. The fallen trees and damaged houses motivated

To Drywall or Not to Drywall

Today at Claude’s residence, we continued to work on the drywall in the kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom. Though the work has been mostly the same

Born to Drill

On our third day of working with SBP and Hope Panhandle in Panama City, we continued our work on our house. We were working to

The Grand Conclusion

The sense of completion was phenomenal. The amalgamation of tribulations and trying events that had prefaced the finale of today had wholly contributed to the

Building a Foundation of Change

Today marked our third and final day in Panama City, Florida. We served Hurricane Michael victims by installing drywall and mudding in their new home.

Serving with Fun

For me, the workday did not start at the house but the 40-minute drive to get there. As our group drove we were reminded why

Teamwork Moves Mountains

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I entered the town of Panama City, I was saddened and shocked. I didn’t truly have any expectations for the devastation that would greet

Rebuilding Together

Today was our second day here in Panama City, Florida. Although Hurricane Michael hit this city many months ago, the destruction it caused still remains.

Leaving Our Mark

Today was Day 2 of our Ryan Nece Student Service Trip. Day 2 was dedicated completely to drywall measuring, cutting, and installation. No doubt, it

Painting with a twist

On the second day of our service trip we showed up to our work site and got right to work. We started out putting the