Thank you for your interest in our Mentorship Program, an exclusive benefit offered to members of the Ryan Nece Foundation’s Student Service Program.

A pillar of the Student Service Program is establishing the importance of network building in students, as well as providing access to community leaders and Student Service Program alumni. This exclusive mentoring program aims to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships between mentors and motivated high school students, both who are passionate about giving back to the community. Mentees will graduate from the Student Service Program with an action plan for personal success, not only through the Ryan Nece Foundation’s educational curriculum but through ongoing meetings with their mentor.

Expectations of Students and Mentors:

Mentorship Program Outline

MeetingMeeting Focus
Meeting #1 -3rd Quarter 2024Introductions, Goals and Expectations
Meeting #2 – 4th Quarter 2024Leadership and SWOT
Meeting #3 – 1st Quarter 2025After High School Preparation and Career Development
Meeting #4 – 2nd Quarter 2025Networking
Meeting #5 – 3rd Quarter 2025Staying Relevant
Meeting #6 – 4th Quarter 2025Leveraging Yourself
Meeting #7 – 1st Quarter 2026Community Involvement
Meeting #8 – 2nd Quarter 2026Five-Year Strategic Plan

Matching Process

Mentors and mentees will be matched through a formal matching process based on form submissions by both the mentor and mentee, which will allow our team to align career paths, high school involvement, post-graduation goals, hobbies etc. in the matching process.

If mentors have any questions before submitting their applications, please contact Chief Executive Officer, Melissa Neeley, at Applications are due by end of business day Friday, July 26, 2024.