In August 2023, the Student Service Club™ school-based model was launched as an extension of the Ryan Nece Foundation’s Student Service Program to ensure all teens have access to organized community service opportunities and inspirational servant leadership education. Now, students from any Greater Tampa Bay Area high school can have the tools and resources to achieve the Ryan Nece Foundation vision that all teens can become leaders and impact giving in their communities.

School-Based Club Model

Once a school is engaged with the Ryan Nece Foundation as an official Student Service Club, a full Program Guide will be provided to the club leaders to implement. Through the Program Guide, students will have the opportunity to see the issues in their communities and develop the skills needed to respond, becoming part of the solution now and as they take each next step.

Topics discussed at each meeting include:

No matter what next step you take in life, our hope is you can use the skills and talents you discovered and sharpened in the Ryan Nece Foundation Student Service Club™ to serve a cause you care about.

Current Clubs

Thank you to the student leaders at these two schools for piloting our Student Service Club!

Interested in starting your own Student Service Club?

Email Director of Programs Krystle Pitts at