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The Power of Giving is about helping every man, woman, and child realize their potential to better the world in which they live, work, and play. By sharing of time, treasures, or talents every person has the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. The Power of Giving Student Service Program is a direct reflection of our mission to create opportunities for teens to embrace the Power of Giving through volunteerism and inspirational leadership programs.


The goal of the Student Service Program is to help shape and mentor the next generation of servant leaders in our community. Through the program’s leadership curriculum and service projects, it is our hope to ignite a spark in the students so they experience a renewed sense of purpose that will reflect in the service work they continue throughout Tampa Bay and beyond.

The students selected for the program embark upon a two-year journey with the foundation that will lay the foundation for the rest of their future. Each year in the Spring, the foundation selects a new group of Bay Area high school sophomores to be part of the program. Through their junior year, the students will participate in:

Students hear from speakers regarding nonprofit management, business and leadership skills, civic involvement, etc.

Students in the program volunteer at RNF events and with many other Bay Area nonprofit partners throughout the year.

The students use the skills they’ve learned throughout the curriculum to raise some of the funds needed to cover the cost of the service trip.

In the summer following their junior year, the students participate in an end of the year service trip where they travel to a community in crisis to assist with local needs. In the past, the foundation has taken students to complete projects in the Dominican Republic, Flint and Detroit, MI, and New Orleans, LA.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

As seniors, the students remain actively involved in the program by mentoring the next group of students in the program and continuing to volunteer with the foundation throughout the year.

Students are selected for the program through an application process. Following the application deadline, a panel of judges reviews the applications and selects the students for the program based on evidence of genuine interest in the areas of community service and civic engagement, academic achievements, and more.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for this program. Contact Us Here for information.


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