Founder Note: New Orleans Service-Learning Trip

🔆 A Journey of Service and Transformation 🔆

We recently took a group of remarkable students from our Foundation on a powerful journey to the vibrant city of New Orleans. Our mission? To serve the community, to lend a helping hand, and to embrace the transformative power of giving. At the heart of the Ryan Nece Foundation’s mission is a belief that every young person has the potential to be a leader, to make a difference, and to impact the world around them. And what better way to cultivate this spirit of service than through hands-on experiences that challenge and inspire?

💙 Serving with Heart and Soul 💙

These students didn’t just show up; they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They served the homeless, rebuilding homes in the 9th Ward that were devastated by hurricanes. They organized a thrift store called Sister Hearts, ensuring that those in need had access to essential items. And they spent a day with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, learning about the importance of protecting our precious natural resources. Learn to do hard things and work in conditions that were not ideal are important lessons. But it wasn’t just about the physical labor, It was about the connections they made, the hearts they touched, and the lessons they learned.

🤝 Embracing Empathy and Understanding 🤝

One of the most powerful moments of the trip came when the students served at a local mission, preparing and delivering meals to those living on the streets. It was here that they learned a valuable lesson – that true service goes beyond simply providing for physical needs. It’s about connecting with others on a human level, about slowing down and truly seeing the person in front of you. As one student so eloquently put it,

“We may have ‘just’ been providing food, but even in fulfilling that physical need, we were encouraged to reach out even further, beyond our own comfort zones or fears. We were taught to treat everyone as we would an old friend, with empathy and understanding.”

🗣 Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow 🗣

My friends, these are the lessons that will stay with these young minds for the rest of their lives. They learned to steer away from sympathy and instead embrace empathy – to acknowledge the struggles of others with compassion and understanding, not pity. The Ryan Nece Foundation is doing more than just organizing service trips; We are empowering the leaders of tomorrow. We are instilling in these young people the values of service, leadership, and the power of giving – values that will ripple out into their communities and beyond.

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Director Note: New Orleans Service-Learning Trip

Extra Thanks

Thank you to Melissa Neeley, Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, and Krystle Pitts for putting your heart into our organization.


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