June Days of Service: Creating Change

Within the three days I’ve been working with the Ryan Nece Foundation, it has shown me a new way of life. I see the perspective of others who are struggling, and how I, a normal high schooler, could change that. Nowadays, most high schoolers only volunteer to graduate or get into college. But in the Student Service Program, I’ve personally seen how these students want to help their community and create positive change.
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The first two days weren’t easy as the muggy Florida weather hit us hard. But we were not afraid to get our hands dirty as we carried 50+ pound tires with no excuse. There were also teachable moments. Ryan taught me how to use a chainsaw and weed whacker, which I can carry on for years to come. We also learned how to do stuff not just because we have to, but to help people in need – especially a veteran who proudly served our country. Even at the mental health clinic, we helped create a bright beautiful garden for the ones going through the most, which gives a glow in my heart.
On the third day, we played fun activities like archery and laser tag. This was to help us interact with our peers. We will all go through the journey of giving back throughout the Tampa Bay community through this program.
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