Reflection Song

First thing we were superman

Then I learned everything doesn’t go to plan
So as we played with the kids at the park
They wiggled their way into our hearts
While we painted and scraped it all
We slowly tore down our walls

Our mission was to help, we succeeded
But we didn’t know that they were what we needed
To understand that everyone is different
That hope in humanity is still very relevant
When we go back home we are changed
Won’t put as much faith in material things

We battled the waterfall and skipped rocks
I’m so glad we answered when opportunity knocked
So Ryan Nece and friends
I thank you very much but this isn’t the end
You have helped to make a great Nhu team
Honestly we are now more like family

No shoes but many, many smiles
Your Juan goal will travel many miles
Hasta luego and adios
This is a Baiguate toast

– LaToya McIntyre


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