San Juan Service-Learning Trip: Day 3 Recap

On our final day of this impactful trip, we began earlier than most. We downed breakfast as fast as we could in our 15 minutes before we had to load up into our cars. Then, we began on our journey to the reforestation nursery nonprofit. After a delicious lunch at BurgerFi, we finished our service at the Humane Society of Puerto Rico. After a short reload, we made our way to a delicious dinner at Punto Criollo. We have had a great trip, and we’re excited for you to hear more about the last day:

Para La Naturaleza

We first began our Saturday volunteer journey at the Para La Naturaleza (For the Nature) nature preserve, where we learned new and unique planting techniques based around the power of teamwork! These methods include but are not limited too: Utilizing biodegradable planting material, creating a human chain for transporting plants to machines, and planting the plants in very specific spots so they can grow to look prettier than ever! All in all we were able to maximize the four or so hours we were there by striking up friendly conversation with staff and civilians of Puerto Rico and reducing their workload many times over!!!

Humane Society of Puerto Rico

In the afternoon we made it to our last volunteering project, Humane Society of Puerto Rico.

We walked and cleaned out the dogs cages, we showed them tons of love and sympathy. We had an opportunity to feed the most cutest kittens and puppies. This experience was very eye opening on how much less Porto Rico has than the U.S. We were so grateful for for being able to provide services for people who deserve it.

To wrap up this trip to Puerto Rico, we want to say we all had such an amazing time. From hiking all the way up Mt. Britton (and maybe sneaking through a “closed sign” to get to the top of the tower), to snorkeling with turtles, to helping plant trees / shrubs, to helping out the library of Puerto Rico, we concurred through the hardships and heat and broke through our barriers. We got to know each other way better than before, and we all felt very wholesome connection to help one another. No matter the barriers that come across the Ryan Nece Foundation, all of us always find a way to break through. This was an amazing trip and the memories will forever be embedded in our little brains.

We thank everyone who donated, and we especially thank Mrs. Melissa and Ms. Krystle for putting up with our craziness. We all just want to say thank you and to always remember that everyone has the power to give…

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