This year’s Bowl-A-Thon was established to raise financial support for the Student Service Program’s annual service-learning trip. In June 2023, this year’s Student Service Program class will travel to Southwest Florida to better understand the needs of a community outside of the Tampa Bay Area, especially one which has faced a recent crisis – like Hurricane Ian. Students are responsible for collecting donations/pledges prior to the event. Then, we will come together to bowl two games and have a lot of fun while supporting a great cause! 

Frequently Asked Questions


How does pledging work?


Using the above Jotform, donors can make a pledge per point of the student’s bowling game. For example, if you pledge $0.25 per point and the student’s highest bowling score is 80, the Ryan Nece Foundation will send you a donation payment link for $20 immediately following the Bowl-A-Thon event. A pledge per point is typically set before the students bowl, and it will apply to the highest score out of the two games played.


If you do not want to commit to an unknown donation amount, you can make a one-time, fixed donation to the Ryan Nece Foundation. Once that pledge is received using the Jotform above, the Ryan Nece Foundation can immediately send over a donation payment link.


Are donations made through the Bowl-A-Thon tax-deductible?


Yes! After the pledge is collected, the Ryan Nece Foundation will issue a Thank You letter and tax receipt.


Still have a question?


You can email Melissa Neeley at with any questions or concerns.