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How This Trip Changed My Life

Over the past few days, I have learned a lot about how a small action can change a community. We have installed numerous rain barrels


Today was our last day. It was really sad to realize that tomorrow morning we are all getting on a plane to fly home to

Views from Detroit

When we arrived to the first garden we were all pretty shocked of how different the garden was from the one we worked on in

It’s Not Over

Today I think was a culmination of all the skills and ideas we, as a team, had developed over the past few days. We used our

Goodbye, Michigan!

]Today we spent our final day in Michigan by gardening. I was extremely impressed by the level of enthusiasm and interest in the gardens by

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

On our last day in Detroit, we cleaned up two gardens. Through teamwork and effort, we thinned carrots, drew signs, and beautified yet another garden.

Together We Can Change The World

Our last day in Detroit was bittersweet but nevertheless it was amazing. Today we gardened all day and got the chance to help make Detroit’s

Green Concrete

Today for the student service program we worked in Detroit instead of Flint. We worked in the gardens in the central and on the outer

Day 3 In Mighigan

As our third and final full day in Michigan is winding down, I am able to reflect on the time I spent here. The most