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A Gloria-ous Day at the Garden

This is my first time visiting NOLA and the experiences I’ve gained are amazing, especially being able to witness the affects of the catastrophic Hurricane

A Labor of Love

Today, our Student Service Program helped out at a community garden run by a woman named Gloria. We got into some pretty difficult labor: painting

A New Garden in NOLA

Today in New Orleans I met yet another phenomenal person who dedicated her life to the community of New Orleans. Gloria, a 70 year-old woman

Gloria’s Garden

Today, our third and final work day of our service project, was by far my favorite. Today we traveled down to the area around Treme,

The Levees

Today, Day 3 here in NOLA, we went back to the KIPP school we worked at yesterday and continued various projects that we had going

Katrina: the Lower Ninth Ward

After another day of volunteering at KIPP St. Claude primary and middle school and handing out sandwiches and snacks we made to people who lived

An Act of Kindness

Today we were fortunate enough to spend another day volunteering at KIPP St. Claude. While volunteering at the school, it opened my eyes to realize

Pay it Forward

I had never been to NOLA before, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. But what I found far exceeded my expectations. The

If Not You Then, Who Dat?

Although they are separated by what is just a glorified lake, New Orleans and Tampa are vastly different places with so many different and unique

No Act Too Small

Throughout my time in the Ryan Nece Foundation Student Service Program, I have been able to experience and learn about the Power of Giving. Today