2023 Morning Huddle Recap

Greater Tampa Bay Huddles Up In Support Of Student Service Program

The Ryan Nece Foundation celebrated leadership and community service at our May 12th Morning Huddle, a breakfast presented by Suncoast Credit Union at Armature Works.

More than 175 community members united to hear from an incredible line-up of local female leaders – all who use their roles and platforms to lift up others. Those unfamiliar learned: TikTok influencer Kat Stickler marries humor and vulnerability to aid her 10M following in healing journeys, FrankCrum’s Haley Crum uses her unique position to empower departments in need at the office while also exploring big picture ways to end homelessness through HEP out of the office, Safe in the Seat’s Michelle Pratt provides a caring and judgement-free approach to car seat safety in an online world filled with “mom shaming” and marketing expert Christy Vogel recently founded Sounding Joy to provide hearing aids to children whose families cannot afford them after experiencing that adversity growing up.

After the panel, Ryan awarded the Vinik Family Foundation with the Paragon Award, which is an annual recognition to showcase a role model for the next generation of community leaders. A Paragon Award recipient is known for their leadership, service to others, and distinction in their field. Everyone in Greater Tampa Bay knows Penny and Jeff Vinik are more than deserving!

We are grateful to all those who came out to celebrate our mission, support the Student Service Program, and hear from these inspiring panelists! If you are compelled to make a donation, thanks to Suncoast Credit Union’s generous sponsorship, 100% of funds raised through this event go directly to support the Student Service Program.

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