An Important Life Lesson by Nedi Ferekides

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life is: Never take what you have for granted. Volunteering at the Trinity Café with my fellow Student Service members this past weekend was an eye-opening experience. When I woke up on Saturday morning I was expecting to embark on the typical service project that most kids complete at some point during their high school experience of “feeding the needy in the community.” However, I quickly realize I was in for a surprise. Trinity Café believes in helping the community in a respectful, home-like manner. Gone were the classic food buffet and the line of people with empty trays. Instead there were tables with flowers and plate settings. There was the option of being a host and/or a server. These are things one would expect to see in a restaurant, not in a non-profit charity sponsored event. The ability to have this comfortable setting with those that were being served, allowed for an amazing connection. I was able to talk to many of the different people that came through that morning. One lady in particular, spent almost over an hour telling me about her life and her son, who was now all grown up. “It went by so fast,” she remarked, “Cherish what you have and make sure you never let a moment pass by too quickly.” Her life story caused me to reflect on my own. How many times had I assumed that I would get that new gadget or new outfit? How many times had I forgotten to stop to think that there could be a chance that these “wants” weren’t possible for me to have? The people that I served were all examples of this, and they opened my eyes to a bigger picture. Thus, I left that morning feeling quite thoughtful, humbled, and proud that I was able to help provide one of life’s necessities to another human being in this world.

–Nedi Ferekides


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