A Heart Warming Experience by Trinity Lester

Last weekend all of my fellow students and I went out to the Trinity Café in inner city Tampa to serve those in need. It was a very eye opening experience for me for many reasons. One being that I saw how many people are affected by homelessness and hunger in just the area that I live in. I saw many couples and families come in to get a full meal, courtesy of Trinity Café. I saw many people still smiling as well as couples and families together despite the difficult situations they were in, dealing with the lack of food, shelter and security. Many of the people would come and take boxes of food home with them. For example, a man came in and took as many cupcakes as he could possibly carry and all of the cookies he could fit into his backpack and left the café. Though it was difficult to see the amount of people in this hard situation with all their different stories and varied circumstances, it was equally heart-warming to see them enjoying themselves, smiling and eating a hearty breakfast that would help get them through the day.  I was truly inspired by the mission, the volunteers and the wonderful work being done by the organization and I would love to be a part of the Café service again.

–Trinity Lester


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