An Inspiring Evening by Nhu Doan

During this meeting, a guest speaker spoke to us regarding the importance of personal values. We were able to conclude that certain priority values such as honesty, adventure, love, kindness, and friendship have had a drastic impact on our lives, affecting not only how we act but our out-looks/perspectives as well. When the actions and values of a certain person are lined up and their actions are reflective of their values, then they are able to achieve their ultimate potential and attain happiness in life. This act of living a life based on values, and not short-come-short-go feelings is beneficial to not only the individual but to those whom surround them as well.

Towards the end of this meeting, I was left feeling very reflective upon my own personal values and began questioning whether or not my actions were in accordance with them. The wise words of wisdom of this RNF meeting have truly opened my eyes and helped me see clearer. Never forget the power of a life lived with kindness and compassion; it is contagious!

–Nhu Doan


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