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A Service To Humanity

Today, we visited the Cigar Family complex. In it, we had the opportunity to visit the school that the Cigar Family has set up. The

A Whole New World

At the Cigar Family Complex I experienced something that I never have before and I’m forever grateful for having had a chance to do so.

The Giving Is Mutual

Today we embarked on the second day of our journey here in the Dominican Republic and in just a short time I have experienced many

A Journey Of Knowledge

Today we visited the Cigar Family Complex. It was magnificent as we saw the children smiling and happy at finally having a safe haven. The

Experiencing the Dominican

My first foreign country experience has certainly been an experience thus far. We’ve done so much and it’s only been two days. First and foremost

Cigar Family Complex

Today we visited the Cigar Family Complex. It was humbling to watch the childrens’ faces as they received the items we brought for them. Seeing

Cigar Family Day

Today, my roommate and I awoke to the dulcet tones of the telephone ringing and Ryan on the other end waking us up 15 minutes

Student Spotlight: Grace Montgomery

[We recently caught up with one of our previous students, Grace Montgomery, to find out how she has embraced the Power of Giving since she

Student Spotlight: Briana B.

We recently caught up with one of our former students, Briana B., to find out what she is doing now and how our Student Service