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Domini-Can’t Wait For Tomorrow

Hi guys, so this has been our second day in the Dominican Republic! I’ve never been out of the country before, and thus this has

Meeting the Domini-kiddos

I can truly say I felt the power of giving today through the entirety of our project. We finished both the baseball field and the clubhouse

A Day to Remember

Today was our final service day and by far the most inspiring as well as productive day. We finished painting the recreation center and the

Reflection Song

First thing we were superman Then I learned everything doesn’t go to plan So as we played with the kids at the park They wiggled

Trip of a Lifetime

The Power of Giving is something we have all said during every meeting and service activity we have done. However, today was probably the first


The happiness derived from others’ happiness, I realized today, is greater than any other feeling in the world. Although we began by continuing with the

The Feeling of Giving

Today was an especially unique day for all of us. Unfortunately, it was our final day of service here in the Dominican, but we managed

My Friend Willy

It was a strange start to my and Willy’s relationship. We were put together to paint the dugout of the Playa del Caribe Baseball Field.