Fundraising and Teamwork by Trinity Lester

Over the last two meetings with the SSP we have been learning a great deal about the way that a non-profit organization, such as the Ryan Nece Foundation functions and plans all of the events that make giving back to the community possible. Through committees and subcommittees we have all worked together to create action plans to show the necessary steps we must take in order to make our event possible! My committee is the extra fundraiser and event planning group. We are in charge of getting together and planning activities that might bring in more revenue for the foundation! Through contact and our interlocking jobs and responsibilities we have decided on our steps and the next moves we have to take. This whole process has taught me a lot about teamwork and how important leadership is in order to get something done. I am really ecstatic to see this all come together and watch how our event pans out!

— Trinity Lester


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