Meet Our Students: Anna Hewett

Anna Hewett is a 16-year-old girl from Saint Petersburg High School with a 14-year-old little sister. As an IB student who has many talents like building extravagant sandcastles and having new and creative ideas, she balances her time between cross country and being a lifeguard. Her favorite movie is Oceans 8, which is filled with lots of female lead action. Her favorite foods are chocolate ice creams, and pasta. Albums she could listen to on repeats include Sour– Olivia Rodrigo, Lover-Taylor Swift, Harry’s House-Harry Styles, and Emails I Can’t Send– Sabrina Carpenter. Her role models are people like Greta Thunberg, a groundbreaking female environmental activist who’s challenged world leaders and is seeking to make a change for the place we all call home. To Anna, the #Powerofgiving means being able to recognize the humanity in everyone and being able to provide a hand to others to improve the world. 

Anna’s introduction written by fellow Student Service Program member, Armiyah Burns.

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