Meet Our Students: Logan Hardin

Logan Hardin, 15, is a student at Jesuit High School. He enjoys playing lacrosse, the guitar, and violin. In his spare time, he likes to go outside, watch a show, or find a good read. His favorite movie is Ratatouille, and he craves chocolate ice cream the most. He has three older siblings as well as pet fish. Logan enjoys learning Spanish, and his role model is his godfather, Jimmie, an employee at his high school. Further, his main music interest is the group, Cheers for Fears. To Logan, the Power of Giving means selflessness and making sacrifices in the interest of helping others. His aspirations for the future include attending either a military academy or Yale, and he aspires to become a civil engineer or architect. 

Logan’s introduction written by fellow Student Service Program member, Hajar Abdel-Rahim. You can see the entire Class of 2025 here.


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