Path Finders Trip by Trinity Lester

The day of the ropes course, I went out with 11 other of my team members in the Student Service Program  to help each other grow and become a better and closer team. We went to a very nice place called Day Springs and worked with a group named Pathfinder. The two ladies from Pathfinder, Leah and Aurora, worked extremely well with us and helped us to “break the ice” and do things that helped us become closer, including name games and another activity where we all shared experiences. In the beginning of our day, we were rained on, but that did not stop us. The whole team went into the lounge at Day Springs and rearranged the furniture (we put it back in the end of course) to clear an area for this activity with a fancy rope that could hold up to around 5000+ lbs! The activity taught us trust and teamwork by having to all lean back at the same time and create tension so that people could actually walk on the rope. Later that day, after they fed us very well, we went out to the ropes course (even in the pouring rain!) where we tried to climb rock walls and tires. Personally, this was a gigantic feat for me to overcome because it turns out I have a fear of heights which I did not know exactly when I got into my harness and went up the pole. After a minor anxiety attack at the top of the tower, Ryan and Aurora helped me find the courage to jump off the tower and down the zipline. Though I was screaming and thinking that my heart could stop at any given moment as I flew down that line, I actually had a lot of fun. I am very grateful that they helped me to jump because that was an experience I probably will never be able to do again. I had a whole lot of fun on this trip and I cannot wait to have more exciting and exhilarating experiences with this team. I am also very happy to see that we came from being so awkward and quiet with each other to now where we are starting to build friendships that could last a very long time!



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