Path Finders Trip by Vishwa Shah

The team-building day at Day Springs was a great experience. I learned a lot about the people I’ll be working with and they’re awesome people. The ropes course and zip line really brought us together, since we operated as a team to get each person across. Even though we didn’t know each other well, we cheered each other on when climbing the rock wall. While it rained, the Pathfinders employees facilitated entertaining games for us that allowed us to get to know others and ourselves. The rope, which some of us walked on, brought our team together in a unique way. Our group’s spirit and enthusiasm grew as we participated in the various activities. In the morning that day, all of us were awkwardly standing around. By the bus ride back, we were avidly conversing and exchanging social media information. Thank you, Pathfinders, for giving us a great experience, in spite of the rain. I’m really looking forward to the program and working with everyone else.



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