Meet Our Students: Ronald Hardin

Ronald Hardin is a junior at Jesuit High School. He enjoys playing soccer, and in his free time, he likes to read his Bible, go to the gym, and go fishing. His first job was being a volunteer for his school’s service trip to Jasper, Georgia, where he served the Jasper community. Ronald’s favorite movie is Radio, his favorite book is Janitor, and his favorite song is “A God Like You” by Kirk Franklin, his favorite music artist. Ronald has five siblings and one cat named Victor. His favorite meal is smoked salmon, and Ronald’s role model is his Uncle Greg. To Ronald, the power of giving means to supply people with your time, talents, and moral help to successfully enact a change inside the person’s heart, helping them to become a better person. When Ronald grows up, he wants to be a pilot in the Air Force and attend the United States Air Force Academy.

Ronald’s introduction written by fellow Student Service Program member, Tristan Stavish

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