Meet Our Students: Rachael D’Ippolito

Rachael D’Ippolito is 16 years old and goes to Newsome High School. She likes to swim and do other activities, such as making crafts and art projects. She’s lived in seven different places, but Florida is her favorite. Rachael hopes to attend college in Florida at either the University of South Florida, the University of Florida, or Florida State University. When she’s older, Rachael wants to help people in some way, such as helping in charity or contributing to an important cause. Her desire to help people is also why she wants to be a therapist and help people who are struggling with mental health issues. To Rachael, the power of giving means not just being able to make somebody else feel good, but also in return making yourself feel good and being able to create a change in a community.

Rachael’s introduction written by fellow Student Service Program member, Madeline Kasper

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