Meet Our Students: Armiyah Burns

Armiyah Burns is 16 years old and attends Robinson High School. She plays soccer and is interested in swimming. Armiyah plays the trombone and is an active member of her school’s marching band. She loves her two dogs Bria, a bull-terrier mix, and Nala, a bulldog. Armiyah looks up to Angelina Jolie for her acts of service to her community and her kind heart. When Armiyah grows up, she wants to be a lawyer and attend either UF, FSU, or the Air Force Academy. Armiyah believes the power of giving is the change we can make in other’s lives when we can reach out and help one another. She also said that despite living in a world of challenges, the power of giving allows us to connect and make the world a better place. 

Armiyah’s introduction written by fellow Student Service Program member, Anna Hewett.

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