Students Fundraise For Service-Learning Trip To Houston

About The Trip

On June 7th, our current class of Student Service Program members are traveling to Houston for a five-night service-learning trip. During their stay, students will be able to visit, tour, and volunteer with Casa de Esperanza, Houston Zoo, The Beacon, Houston Food Bank, and SBP. All of these opportunities will help our students better understand how the Houston community is addressing community needs like foster care, conservation, homelessness, hunger, and disaster-relief.

This is all so our students leave the Student Service Program with a well-rounded understanding of the needs in a community and ways they can best address them, while also homing in on their passions. Each step they take in life – whether they stay in the Greater Tampa Bay Area or not – our students can use the skills and talents they discovered and sharpened in the Student Service Program to serve a cause they care about.

Bowl-A-Thon Results

As you may know, our programming is offered at no-cost to the students we serve. However, we believe an important skill to teach our students in building the next generation of servant leaders is how to share our mission with others and make an ask. To support their service-learning trip to Houston, our students participated in a Bowl-A-Thon on May 21st, where they collectively shared our mission with 31 donors and raised $7,525.

We are proud of our students for stepping up to support our mission and their trip to Houston!

Join The Movement

If you would like to support our students and their service-learning trip to Houston, you can donate here. If you are interested in serving as a chaperone, you can email Melissa Neeley at


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